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Air & Space It's Coconut Airways
Feb 25, 2008 – Environmentalists have panned the Virgin Atlantic flight using biofuel as a stunt, writes Tim Cornwell. The Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson hailed a "historic" and "pioneering" milestone for air travel... Read the rest

Aviation Industry Looks to China, India for Growth
Feb 8, 2008 – Bangkok -- Asia's aviation industry is likely to be tested in 2008 by the slowing United States economy and high fuel costs. But as Ron Corben reports from Bangkok, industry... Read the rest

NTSB Cites Wide Range of UAV Safety Issues
Oct 17, 2007 – Washington, DC - As a result of its first investigation of an accident involving an unmanned aircraft (UA), the National Transportation Safety Board today issued a total of 22 safety... Read the rest

Pentagon Hopes Successful Missile Test Boosts Support
Oct 2, 2007 – Washington -- The Pentagon says a recent successful test of the nation's missile defense system could boost support for the controversial project, which is designed to protect America from missiles... Read the rest

Automotive Innovation Insights: Is the Tata Nano Really "The People's Car"?
Nov 13, 2009 – Last week I was riding through the bustling streets of Bangalore when my colleague made a provocative statement: "I think the Tata Nano is going to be a flop." It... Read the rest

Vehicle Manufacturers Benefits from Supplier's Control Cycles Use of Omnify PLM
Jan 29, 2008 – “With nearly 100 top level SKUs and more than 2000 parts in our database, we recognized the need for a system that would require us to be more rigorous in... Read the rest

Innoblog: Disruption zipping by?
Jan 15, 2008 – Last week I attended a lecture by Boston Globe innovation columnist Scott Kirsner entitled “New England’s Innovation Economy: Understanding the Strengths and Challenges”. Among the many recent innovative ventures mentioned... Read the rest

Innoblog: Driving Disruption: Tata Motors, the Nano, and ?Gandhian engineering?
Jan 11, 2008 – We here at Innosight have followed the development of Tata Motors’ one-lakh “people's car” with great excitement for the last few years (we’ve written about the development of the car... Read the rest

Marine & Submarine Navy's Newest Replenishment Ship Launched in San Diego
May 17, 2007 – SAN DIEGO (NNS) -- The U.S. Navy's newest underway replenishment vessel, USNS Richard E. Byrd (T-AKE-4), was christened and launched from the General Dynamics National Steel and Shipbuilding Company (NASSCO)... Read the rest

Submarine Force Announces Operational Stand Down
Jan 11, 2007 – NORFOLK, Va. (NNS) -- The U.S. Submarine Force announced Jan. 11, that it will conduct an Operational Stand Down in the wake of recent submarine incidents. In a message to... Read the rest

US Naval Fleet Aims To Join Fight Against Terrorism & Rogue States
Nov 25, 2005 – One of the oldest maxims in warfare is that the military, when planning for the next war, tends to prepare to fight the last one. When looking at the bulk... Read the rest

Subeo: The World's First Under Water Sports Car
Oct 24, 2003 – Subeo, a specialist engineering company, has created the World's first underwater sports car, GEMINI. GEMINI is a submarine designed as a recreational vehicle and has a depth range of 50m,... Read the rest

Trains & Trolleys The Eye For Innovation: Personalized Rapid Transit?
Apr 30, 2007 – Personalized Rapid Transit? Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? It combines hassle free and speedy transit from point A to point B, without being bound to scheduled... Read the rest

MesoFuel Helps Develop Fuel Cell Powered Train
Feb 20, 2004 – World's First Fuel Cell-Powered Train Locomotive Slated for 2008 MesoFuel, Inc. has been awarded a contract by Vehicle Projects LLC of Denver, CO to design and manufacture the hydrogen generator... Read the rest

Bikes & Scooters Segway and Uniformity Inc. Announce PT Reseller Agreementg
Nov 28, 2006 – NORTHBROOK, IL - Segway Inc. and Uniformity Incorporated, one of the nation's leading providers of apparel and equipment to police, fire, and (private security departments), today announced that they have... Read the rest

Segway X2 Golf Makes National Debut at Tiburón Golf Club and Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Fla: New Segway Golf Model is Unique Alternative to Carts
Nov 6, 2006 – Segway Inc. and the Tiburón Golf Club at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples, Fla. today announced that the Tiburón Golf Club will be the first in the country to... Read the rest

Segway Announces Voluntary Recall to Upgrade Software in Segway Personal Transporters
Sep 14, 2006 – Segway Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other regulatory agencies outside of the U.S., has initiated a voluntary product recall to upgrade the software... Read the rest

Segway Launches New Marketing Campaign to Introduce Next Generation Segway PT: Segway?s New Tagline, ?Simply Moving,? Aims to Educate the Market and Motivate Product Trial
Aug 14, 2006 – Segway Inc. launched a new marketing campaign on August 14, 2006 to introduce its second generation Segway Personal Transporter (PT) with LeanSteer technology. The company's new tagline, "Simply Moving", and... Read the rest

Reader Reactions Reader Reactions
Sep 27, 2005 – Hybrid Vehicles Ron W. Laconto writes: I am just looking for information regarding hybrid vehicles. I purchased a Toyota Prius for fuel economy, and found a group in California ( Read the rest

TechnologyInnovator Group of Publications Going into Hibernation!
Oct 17, 2015 – Dearest Readers, We thank you for your kind support and encouragement since we launched TechnologyInnovator on July 4, 2001, but are sad to announce we experienced a near-total server failure.... Read the rest

Advertising and Marketing Information
Apr 1, 2003 – Greetings! And welcome to During our first nine years of web publishing, we've published some 16,000+ of articles on enterprise IT, security, mobility, and emerging technologies -- written by analysts, industry... Read the rest

Jan 1, 2002 – Hello! Thank you for visiting our newest web publication at it's called It's all about innovation in the enterprise, and covers IT companies that help the enterprise mobilize,... Read the rest

Writers Guidelines For
Jul 1, 2001 – Welcome to! Thanks for your interest in writing for our growing series of IT-related webzines. For Journalists & Freelancers >> If you are an IT journalist or freelancer, we... Read the rest

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• 10/31 Canadian Tire Purchases Recharge-It-All Batteries from ZAP: Rechargeable Lithium Battery Technology Powers Wide Range of Mobile Electronics
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• 10/23 Coca-Cola Signs Agreement With ZAP
• 10/17 NTSB Cites Wide Range of UAV Safety Issues
• 10/12 San Carlos Electric Car Dealership Opens for ZAP: Electric Green Showroom Sells New Electric Car, Truck, Scooter
• 10/8 Electric Car Patent and Trademark Allowed for ZAP XEBRA
• 10/2 Pentagon Hopes Successful Missile Test Boosts Support
• 10/2 Former Lotus Engineering CEO Joins ZAP Board of Directors: Engineering Executive Makes Move to Pursue Electric and Hybrid Cars
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• 9/12 Mercedes-Benz to Start Low-Volume B-Class Fuel Cell Production in 2010
• 9/11 Hyundai Unveils the i-Blue
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• 8/27 Airmen Work to Keep UAVs Cool: Unit adopts 'pit crew' launch to get unmanned aerial vehicles into air quickly
• 8/13 Brilliant Smart Card Growth in Japan
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• 7/3 10 Tips for Saving Fuel
• 6/15 Car GPS Shipments to Triple
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• 6/11 Air and Space Power Journal Fosters Innovative Thinking: Summer 2007 edition now available
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• 5/21 DOD Stands Up Joint Space Office
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• 5/18 Commander Challenges Technologists for Better Solutions
• 5/18 Thinking Lean a Must for Stronger, Smaller Air Force

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